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all you guys suck [May. 9th, 2006|05:49 pm]
[Current Mood |dorkydorky]
[Current Music |memories of an exhibition which was my life...]

lol, just kidding, only two people did my last entry...

i'm procrastinating studying for my ap test... hmm... no, i hate that word, i'm waiting for the right time to study for psychology,that's better... tis my last one, YES!! so, i think i shall go onto the live journal and write more tripe, seeing as that i haven't in the longest of times... philosophy's getting to be really fun, since we're doing Darwin and Freud which are uber easy after having bio and psyche... of current addictions i have two: xxxholic and The Demon in the Freezer both very good...

on a different note (not really) the topic that me and now only Yi are doing in biology is Electricity!! (oos are heard from the audience) that's right!! and we're both thinking about building a simple vandergraff generator, or bringing one in (yet, the school's is very powerful, so i'm not sure if i wanto do that), t'will be fun... i'm sooo excited to design a board and everything ahhh!!! he says, aaahhh!! twil be fun... anyway, i think i'm going to right a play... who wants to be in it? the title should be: "The Double-Stalled Bathroom" the premise? none other than getting sucked into the mirror in the upstairs girls bathroom, coming out into a world reminiscent and in fact the same as the one that Alice had stumbled onto herself (whether it be in the same fashion or by following a white rabbit) either way, Ali Marsh could follow a roll of toilet paper who's late for Hanna Fazio's dueling-pooper's race... further more, this wouldn't follow the same path as alice, oh no, what fun would that be? well, not the exact same path... yet there will be other things to see, besides the dreams of the blonde-haired one... when, although, ?we? do stumble upon the path of Alice, the path itself shall not be the same, only similar, every creature shall be a tad more... howdoyousay... malicious? dark? t'will be bold!! t'will be deep!! who's with me?! (sorry ali, i've already pulled you down the rabbit hole with me, will you take the blue pill and wake up, believing what you want, or will you take the red pill and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes?) yay for matrix quotes!! (i love that movie, if you8 haven't noticed...)

furthermore, i've decided to right the first book-game and rpg, it will be enlightening and workfull.... if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, for i will gladly be obliged to tell you what my fishing schemes are up to! it is all fun, and i really trully think my brain is fried, yet not the juicy unassociated, metaphysical, ultraphysical, sympathetic, GAS, auromatic, sub-preconscious portion? i feel like being random, and in a random motion instead of typing www.yahoo.com or www.myspace.com today, i typed in the URL of this little ditty of a site, and here we are... if i were not in such a crunch to study psychology (which i'm not) right now, i would begin the play/story/self-rp immediately, here even, but i shant, oh no i shant... i shall save that for another day... or will eye i? the world seems so large at the moment, and i feel just as large, it appears that i have taken a bit of a sip from Alice's red bottle (sorry Sophie!! i'll return the favor by opening my mind for your own escape, i'll even give you time to delve into my subconscious, oh wouldn't that be fun? the major isn't allowed, though, cause he's a dork)

looking outside i see that the rain has subsided once again... i could either keep rambling or go and roll in the grass... see if you can tell which action i took

[User Picture]From: i_like_neon_ice
2006-05-10 02:22 am (UTC)

... hello, haven't seen you around here.

You're more popular than me by one person then, because I only got 1 response. *nudges you since I wrote a flippin novel for yours and you didn't reply at all*

Um... since you're so keen on writing rps, why not write the two we started, hmmmm?
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[User Picture]From: i_like_neon_ice
2006-05-10 02:54 am (UTC)

Re: ... hello, haven't seen you around here.

oh and by the way, none of my entries show up on your friends page. I think I noticed that a long time ago I just checked it again and my last few entries aren't on there, so yeah. You haven't posted a comment on my livejournal since the dawn of time so maybe this is the reason why. *shrug* Dunno how to fix it cept maybe delete me and re-friend? If you want to fix it...
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[User Picture]From: i_like_neon_ice
2006-05-10 02:58 am (UTC)

Re: ... hello, haven't seen you around here.

Dawn of time= February 22nd, actually. hah. YOU HAVE CATCHING UP MONSIEUR!!!!
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[User Picture]From: melsaisme
2006-05-11 12:03 am (UTC)
wow, you haven't been on here in ages, I'm so excited for friday, it's going to be a blast! Congrats on getting all your ap tests done! I only had one, gov't and politcs, ick, didn't go so well. Oh well, see ya tomorrow!
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